Quality Control Techniques

D.I.G. Trail Design builds trails according to the most modern standards of sustainability and safety. We adhere to the IMBA and Whistler standards for trail construction. These quality control techniques include:

  • Identifying landscape and property boundaries, consultation with land managers, and determining potential users
  • Understanding positive and negative control points – places where the trail should and should not proceed
  • Following design concepts and regulations for pump track layout and sustainability
  • Following all 5 sustainable trail principles as set out by IMBA
  • Controlled grade suitable for the terrain and the intended user
  • Looking closely at basic and advanced concepts of trail design to manage risk
  • Integrated water control measures, and continued monitoring of high risk erosion areas, utilizing side slope on the trail bench and grade reversals
  • Durable tread created by “full bench” construction
  • Building to Whistler standards of the 5 “trail types” and “trail difficulty” ratings
  • Closely adhering to Whistler “Environmental guidelines” and “TTF” (Technical Trail Features) guidelines
  • An excellent understanding of how to minimize “maintenance triggers” to decrease long term cost
  • We follow all sections of the WCA and OHS Regulations for site construction safety and routinely inspect and maintain our tools and machines to a high standard

Environmental Methods

D.I.G. Trail Design is very conscious and careful regarding our impact on the environment. The machines are stopped when not in use. Safe and reliable containers are used for transport and transfer of grease, diesel and gas. In the event of a spill, each team has a spill kit that is easily accessible.

We isolate our imprints to the assigned corridor regarding vegetation clearing and machine use. On each project, all litter is disposed in the most environmental way available. Each machine is equipped with an extinguisher in prevention of any forest fires.

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